U – Sisyphus


This is actually Shirota Yu.  Get full bio on  official website

Okay let me just say that I know Shirota Yu as an actor and I honestly did not know he could sing but this has  kind of blown me away. The beat is so nice and I cant stop listening to it. Sisyphean” means “endless and unavailing, as labor or a task so I suppose this song is about hardship. Shirota himself composed and wrote the three songs on the single, which is this song and ” “Heart of glass,” and “U.” I really hope he goes far with his music and he also has a new drama coming out so am also excited about that. Ill be posting the other two songs as well ^^




  1. His music sounds a bit eastern here. Like Mediterranean almost. I haven’t seen anything by him or ever been his fan but I am surprised he can sing so well. Cool.

  2. influence from his spanish blood ^^

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