Walrus – To Be

This quite an Indie style band. They are new and have four members. Kim Jae Wook ,Kim Tae Hyun , Yang Si On and Yoo Seong Beom. Some of you may recognize Kim Jae Wook if you watched the drama Marry Me Mary/ Mary stayed out all night.  Its funny because he is quite like Mu Gyul’s character, he looks so cool in this video. They are actually quite talented and if you do not enjoy this kind of music then try to listen to Seoul Witch its really quirky and breezy.

Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook 1983 vocal guitar

Kim Tae Hyun

Kim Tae Hyun 1981 Drums

Yang Si On

Yang Si On 1984 B Guitar

Yoo Seong Beom

Yoo Seong Beom 1982 E Guitat

Pictures via Bar Daum

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