Wanna Want You Feat. Jr – Sukie Chung

Sukie Chung is a new Cpop artist on the scene who has been compared to Lady Gaga (=_=) and Gwen Stefani. I personally think her style is just really fierce and I really like this song especially her rap parts. She is quite different from a lot of  C-pop I have heard. She is also really quite cute especially in those buns in her hair while she is rapping.



  1. O_O I sort of like this song- it’s interesting, catchy, fierce, chaotic.
    I can see why she’s the Lady Gaga/Gwen Stefani…
    <3 Great artist&song!!!

  2. Hahah yea she is pretty good isnt she? Pleasantly surprised at how different and good it is.^_^

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