WinterPlay – Touché Mon Amour

Never actually heard of this band but as soon as I heard this song I started to listen to all their other songs. They so different and so Talented. Singing in English, Korean and French its utterly charming.  Dont get confused with the title as if you literally translate it to French it would mean something like Touch my love but it can have many meanings and I’ve never studied French yeah.. , xD.  The video is about domestic violence and I think Its quirky, soft music with a meaning behind it. The main lead singer is beautiful. Listen to Gypsy Love, its amazing.

Lee Joo-han. The trumpeter (43) and group leader made his pro music debut back in 1995 with his solo album “직관” (Intuition). In 1996-97, he was the band leader in MBC’s “좋은밤입니다” (It’s a Good Night), and also put out albums in 2002 and 2009.

Moon Hye-won. Vocalist Hye-won (24) graduated from Dankook University after studying music. She debuted in 2007 as a featured vocalist on the Sonagi Project album “Cinema in Jazz.”

Choi Woo-joon. The guitarist (32) also played with the Woong San Band (Woong San is another jazz artist, a solo singer whose real name is Kim Eun-young). Choi’s musical debut came in his solo 2007 album “Saza’s Groove.”

So Eun-kyu. The contrabassist (35) made his official musical debut with Winterplay’s 2008 debut album “Choco Snow Ball.” He was a former performer in the Gwangju Biennale



  1. Hi !
    I’m French and as you say you can’t translate “Touché mon amour” by touche my love : we used the word “touché” when someone tell you a truth hard to hear or something too close from the truth…

    I don’t know if it’s understable as I write it…

    Well I just love this song ^^

  2. Ohhh thank you for that, I understand you ^_^ yay I learnt some French xP

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