X5 – Don’t Put On An Act

X5 is a new band.The ‘X’ in X-5 stands for “XENOS,” which in Greek means a foreigner, in the sense that they are from another region or state.  Too many pop groups. >_< It is going to be so hard for them.  Click here to go to their official website. I know that this song reminds me of a song but I cant remember like always =_= Also it is a nice song but I wish the MV was more understandable.

Blood Type: A

Birthday: 1991.06.20
Height: 186cm
Blood Type: A

Taefung (태풍 – Typhoon)
Birthday: 1991.04.28
Height: 185cm
Blood Type: AB

Zin (진 – nickname taken from his real name)
Birthday: 1993.07.20
Height: 189cm
Blood Type: A

Sulhu (설후 – last snowfall)
Birthday: 1995.09.07
Height: 188cm
Blood Type: AB

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From Left to right, Ghun,Haewon,Taefung,Zin and SulHu

From Left to right, Ghun,Haewon,Taefung,Zin and SulHu



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