Yasoukyoku – Tamaki

This is the theme song to the upcoming Japanese movie Byakuyako starring the talented Maki Horikita (nobota produce,Atsu hime ect ) The movie seems quite interesting.

Byakuyako” is a movie based on a popular novel written by Higashino Keigo. The book has also been adapted to a stage performance (2005), and drama series (2006).

The two main characters in the story are a boy named Ryoji Kirihara and a girl named Yukiho Karasawa who are each other’s first love. As a kid, Ryoji murdered his father when he discovered he was a pervert who did terrible things to Yukiho. As it turns out, Yukiho’s mother was also responsible. Driven by greed, she forced her own daughter into the clutches of Ryoji’s father. Yukiho, in turn, kills her mother and stages it as a suicide. Having both murdered a parent to protect the other, Ryoji and Yukiho must stick together until the statute of limitations runs out on their crimes, and they’re each willing to take any extreme measures to make sure they never get caught.

The singer is actually quite mysterious as no one knows who she is. Which makes her even more intresting. Her voice is really nice.


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