Yui – Rain

I really enjoy listening to Yui her voice is just so unique. This is just like the rest of her songs amazing, upbeat and touching.  Below is the translation of Rain.  I think the video is really beautiful I love snow..

On the night we arranged to meet
The realization dawned on me
Questioning my reflection in the mirror

With a white coat on
And a glum expression
Am I really anticipating this?
Hurrying along the highway without being able to get a taxi

Not having an umbrella is a common thing
Walking along soaking wet on Christmas eve
Surely the blame cannot be put on someone else?

A story which I created by myself
Even a teeny bit of happiness would have been fine for me
You won’t be coming…
That I know
Silent night

I dislike people who check the time repeatedly
For doing that only tries to bring back memories which are already lost

No matter what I do
I can’t get rid of the past
Don’t keep sighing

I’m not special
Because no matter how many times I try again
I get lost at the same place

Quit lying that there are no lies
That incident in which the truth was not known
I’ve gotten used to being hurt
Even if it’s a contradiction I accepted it all
I just didn’t have the courage to destroy everything
You won’t be coming…
A lonesome silent night

I dreamt of that promising future displayed in the show window
Just like back then
Adoring the vague reflection of the candles
So this is goodbye?

When someday this rain turns into snow
And slowly consumes this sadness
I’ll be greeted by new hope

I have always enjoyed the holy night
Adults tend to be a little lonely
So it’s okay to cry
A new beginning, silent night


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