Zuwan – Illusion

Cant get enough of this song. Zuwan is part of the the group Viva soul. He looks so cool in this video before he had this wild curly hair. I love all those little flicks he does. *_* I think I kinda fancy him. lol
Awesome song I haven’t actually heard the original song but it cant get better then this but I do wish I could find it… He has a bit of Ting Ting vibe about him and did I mention he is cute?



  1. Haha good article about him, he will produces many new songs ..
    He told me I must be ready to support him and work with him (?) .. I don’t really know what he means but I’m haha ..

    So I hope you will like his future project =)

  2. Oh my god waaa >_< am just all waa because you commented on my site. lol Yay am glad his going to be coming out with new songs, his really quite different. Cant wait ^_^

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