Picture of the day- Bibimbap

Bulgogi Bibimbap with Gochujang DressingBibimbap is a vegetable Korean cuisine. Bibimbap mean mixed rice. This dish contains warm rice which is topped with seasoned vegetables, chilli pepper paste and a raw or fried egg with meat which is put on top usually beef. The whole dish is then mixed and served hot or cold. There are lot of different types of vegetables put into this dish such as cucumber,  tofu, spinach, mushrooms and lettuce. There are lots of variations of this dish.

BibimbapOh my god doesn’t it look super yummy! I just want to eat it. I think I should try making this it does seem easy to make.  I found a simple recipe on this website and I posted a video which teaches you how to make it! How great is that! oh my god I really want to eat it.




  1. IceToxic says:

    Ohh food :O !!!!!!<3 yum yum

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