Picture of the day-Chopsticks

cupcakeChopsticks are eating utensils which are used in Japan, China and many Asian countries.  They have believed to have originated from China. They are usually made from Bamboo sticks, metal, bone and ivory also.  These sticks are places between the thumb and the fingers to pick up yummy food.

SushiThe chopstick is called kuài in China, hashi in Japanese, jeokkarak in Korea and đũa in Vietnamese

The chopsticks originated in China in the Shang dynasty and the earliest evidence of the chopsticks was made out of bronze which dated back to the 1200 BCE

There are many rules and etiquette for using a chopstick. Chopsticks are like tongs made to pick up food in between each stick. Traditionally chopsticks are held on the right hand and the left hand is considered bad etiquette.

I have used a chopstick before. It came with my sushi and it was surprisingly easy to get used to. It may be something to do with the fact that I have watched a lot of dramas and got used to seeing lots and lots of chopsticks. xD

Pictures Via Weheartit

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