Picture of the day – Cosplay Restaurants

Cosplay restaurants or Cafe are theme restaurants that started in 1999 the otaku heaven  of Japan, Akihabara.  Most of these restaurants have a theme playing on maids and butlers, little sister, school girls, shrine girls with maids and butlers being the most popular theme. They don’t just play on the atmosphere but really play a role with some of them calling clients Masters and Mistresses.

The cosplay restaurants cater to different clients. In Many maid cafes they usually dress up as french maids and some wear cute bunny or cat ears for extra cuteness and appeal. They welcome their customers with “Welcome home, Master” (Okaerinasaimase, goshujinsama) Offer a wipe towel and show a menue which usually includes cakes which are sometimes baked the maid, Ice cream, Omurice, spaghetti and diffrent beverages.

Some Cafes include taking polaroids with maids , playing games and even unusual ones like being slapped by some of the girls.  There are many different establishments catering to different tastes and services to customers.

Cosplay cafes for women are usually butler themed, teenage school boys and cross dressing where girls will dress up like boys in butler uniforms.

In other stores, the outfits and even the setting itself change. In school-themed cafes, for example, customers are referred to Senpai  instead of Master or Mistress and the regular tables are replaces by school desks.  Due to the boom in this maid cosplay restaurants some cafes offer different services such as masages, dates and photography session.

I think that it somehow easy for paedophiles to just go in one of these and fulfill their sick fantasies but also its kinda cute as well depending on which way you look at it. O_O  Look at this cute video I found. I read an article where they also have a cosplay cafe with old maids from age 26 to 80 I belive. Dont know why 26 is old but yep.

Pictures viaweheartit

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