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RenjiCosplay is a construction of the word Costume and Play where people dress up as their favourite character.

SakuraIt started in Japan in the mid 90s where people started to dress up as their favourite Anime or manga  character and less commonly video game characters, and music bands but these days people dress up as who ever they want. Cosplay is also popular in other countries such as USA and china.This is a hobby for many people where they dress up and take pictures and enter competitions.

Many cosplayers, after dressing up in their costume act like the character and adept the mannerisms of the character they are playing.

Lots of cosplayer’s have become very famous on the internet  and many of their costumes. Here is a link of communities that enjoy cosplaying.



I have wanted to cosplay. I would personally like to cosplay as Tsubaki Nakatsukasa from Soul Eater. My friend said I can look good cosplaying her.xD .. I doubt I can actually act like her though…

Pictures Via Wehearit


  1. Tsubaki the Second says:

    I was Tsubaki for a convention that I went with. Uhm, how exactly do I act like Tsubaki?

  2. Watch the anime?

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