Picture of the day – Dumplings

220-hum-bow-dumplingsDumplings which are made from the empire of China  have spread to all over Asia and even the west and Europe have their own form of  these dumplings. These dumplings are usually have different names depending on what shape and what filling they have.  A dumpling is a ball of dough which are based on flour, potato, bread, plain flour made from water which are filled with meat fish and sweets. The dumplings are cooked by either frying, boiling, steaming and other sorts of ways that you can cook it.  A dumpling can be made sweet, sour and spicy and can be eaten alone or with something else.

There are so many different types of dumplings.  The Chinese Jiǎozi which have spread all over Asia such as Japan and Korea.  The Jiaozi is usually vegetable or ground meat stuffed inside thinly rolled dough and the edges are then crimped. In China these are eaten a lot on New years and are eaten all year around for breakfast, lunch and such. Many Chinese Jiaozi have pork, mutton, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, cabbage, spring onions, rice wine and hot sauce.

The Japanese version of the Jiaozi is of rich garlic flavour and are slightly flavoured with salt and soy. The most common ingredient that  is inside the dumpling is minced pork , cabbage and Chinese chives.  The Akashiyaki is another type of dumpling in Japan which are small and round made of egg batter and octopus dipped in fish broth.

The Korean dumplings called Mandu which are served dipping sauce made from soy and vinegar. There are lots of varieties of this dumpling in Korea depending on what goes inside the dumpling they have a different name.

I have had dumplings but not the Korean or Japanese style, the ones my mum makes are usually close to the Chinese version. They super duper yummy and looking at all these dumplings makes me really hungry. T_T

Pictures via wehearit

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