Picture of the day- Japanese tea ceremony

japanese tea ceremonyThis ritual is a traditional Japanese activity which was influenced by Zen Buddhism. The tea ceremony is called the way of Tea which involves powdered green tea which is called chanoyu or chadō also pronounced sadō.

These gatherings are classed as a hospitality gathering which also includes a light meal, confections and thin tea if its a Chakai and if its a heavy meal which includes a full course meal and thick and thin tea it is called chaji. Chaji’s usually last for about 4 hours.

Tea was introduced in Japan in the 9th century by a Buddhist monk. In around the 12th century  the style of tea preparation called tencha wheren which green tea was placed in a bowl, hot water poured into the bowl, and the tea and hot water whipped together, was introduced by another Japanese monk returning from China. He also brought tea seeds back with him, which eventually produced tea that was of the most superb quality in all of Japan. By the 16th century tea ceremony had spread all over Japan and the way of the tea was introduced

tea cakes The study of tea takes many many years and there are many school’s in Japan that teach the way. It takes a lifetime to learn this ceremony as there are many things to learn such as the  types of tea, with kimono, calligraphy, flower arranging, ceramics, incense and a wide range of other disciplines and traditional arts in addition to his or her school’s tea practices

I love green tea. I usually have green tea in the morning but of course I have to add sugar because sometimes its to dry and makes my tongue all blah. Which really destroys the whole purpose of that health thing..whoopsie.

This tea ceremony seems like its very hard to learn and would take a lot of effort and  patience. A lot of dramas contain this tea ceremony, it always looks so elegant. This video is so calm and relaxing

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  1. IceToxic says:

    ahhhhhhh :OO so cool!

  2. Thank you =) Hopefully will start to get up way up there, XD

  3. so this is how the tea ceremony is done. its interesting, and you wouldn’t think that there’d be art to even making tea.

  4. Very elegant and beautiful isn’t it?

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