Picture of the Day-Kimono

The Kimono which comes from ” things to wear” the word ki which means wear and mono which means thing. This is a traditional Japanese garment which is worn by many Japanese. The Kimono was influenced by the Han of china in the 5th century. It has been unchanged since the 10th century.This garment is worn by both men and women. These days you will only see certain people wearing them.

Many Japanese people wear them at wedding’s and other formal gatherings such as funerals and festivals. The basic Kimono is a simple square cut body with square cut sleeves.

I would personally love to wear one.They look beautiful and soo pretty! Some designs look super pretty with nice embroidery on it. Id like to wear a Kimono like the one below *_*

Pictures Via weheartit





  1. IceToxic says:

    <3 wuvs it I WUV KIMONOS!!!!!!!!

  2. Fortuna says:

    I’m definitely gonna try and get a kimono someday. I remember I used to think ‘I want to wear a fancy kimono for my wedding’ xD. Hehe.

  3. Ohhh sounds pretty, A kimono themed wedding with Sakura trees XD

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