Picture of the day – Korean Gardens

Korean Gardens are usually simple and beautiful which usually blend with the nature. They were influenced by the Chinese gardens. The gardens usually contain shaped trees,  rivers and streams and small pounds, some larger ponds with islands in them, many rock arrangements, waterfalls and fruit trees. Many Korean gardens have different unique features.

A Korean garden usually attracts different birds and the garden usually contains a statue of an animal with real fishes and animals in the garden.

The gardens contained a pavilion where the yangban aristocracy scholars sat and enjoyed the view of the gardens. Many of these pavilion served as a pace of relaxation where people talked business, played chess, painted and other leisurely pursuits.

A korean garden often used to  have water because  for reasons such as watering the plants and in the olden days it prevented the wood buildings from burning down. A murkey green colour is prized in the garden. Lotuses are usually on the ponds.


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