Picture of the Day- Onigiri

OnigiriOnigiri is a Japanese rice ball made from white rice made into triangle or oval shapes and wrapped in Nori which is seaweed.  Traditionally people add pickle, dried tuna, cod, salted salmon and salty and sour ingredients.  Onigiris are usually taken out for picnics and lunch-boxes. Soldiers of the Heian period, around 794-1192 used to carry them as did samurai’s who used to wrap the rice in bamboo. There are many convenience stores in Japan that sell onigiri.  The best Onigiri is made with hands.

OnigiriI want to try Onigiri. I guess its just rice with seaweed but when I first started watching anime. There was a scene where the main character made the little girl an onigiri and I remember thinking “waa yummy!” The girl went to school singing ONIGIRI! ONIGIRI!

The video on how to make cute Onigiri is below as is how to make normal onigiri.  Doesn’t the cute ones look ultra adorable!?

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