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origamiOrigami is a traditional art of folding a paper into intricate designs. The word comes from “Ori” meaning folding and “Kami” meaning paper.  This art started in the 17th Century but with many different opinions as to where it actually originated from. Japan has the most extensive  tradition of origami but origami could have also have come from China, Spain and other places. The evidence regarding Origami in Japan comes from a poem by “Ihara Saikaku” who describes paper butterflies in a dream which in Shinto origamiweddings (way of god) were used to represent the bride and the groom. By the Heian period (794-1185) paper folding became pretty popular and samurai’s warriors also used to make good luck tokens.

There are many different types of techniques in this art which start basic and get much more harder. There are many websites which show certain techniques.

There are also many different types of paper used in origami depending on what kind of origami you are planning to do such as origami paper, normal paper, foil back paper, washi paper and much more.

There are also 5 types of origami. Action Origami which is covers still and moving forms such as the flapping bird. Modular which is where a number of identical pieces are put together to form a complete model. Wet folding is where the shape is more curved rather then straight or flat surfaces. Pureland origami is a form which is only allowed one fold. Tessellation origami 2 dimensional figures fill a plane with no gaps or overlaps.

These are some links that show how some of these origamis can be made.



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