Picture of the day – SailorMoon

SailorMoon is a Japanese anime which is orignally called Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon which was translated into many languages. The story revolves around the sailor soldiers or sailor scouts  who are named for moons and plants. They transform into heroines dressed in cute school uniforms with diffrent powers.

Totally loved and still love sailor moon and when I found this beautiful pic I knew I had to post it.  Sailormoon was part of my childhood and something that made me get into anime. So am very grateful because without sailormoon I would never have known about anime or got into East Asian dramas. I used to love how ditzy she was and in a way she reminded me of myself. Especially her blondness.  I also used to know the theme song by heart. Ah..sailormoon was great…

Also if you want to dress up as Sailormoon, above is a good tutorial from Michelle Phan.

pictures via weheartit

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