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The samurai’s were Japanese elite warriors.  The samurai’s played a very important role in the 12th century wars between the Taira and Minamoto clans. In the  Tokugwawa regime, the samurai were the only people allowed to carry swords.

The word samurai originated in the pre Heian period and is derived from the Japanese word saburau, meaning to serve or attend. In the early rule of the samurais the word yumitori (“bowman”) was  used as a title for an accomplished warrior even when swordsmanship had become more important.

The samurai’s were formed in Heian period where the Emperor’s army has disband but powerful clans  has assumed roles as ministers and formed magistrates. They used to put down heavy taxes on the farmers who in return formed their own clans to repel the other clans.  These farmers soon formed alliances to protect themselves and adopted the Japanese armour and style.

Samurai paintingSlowly Samurai clans started to form and with this included many fights and clashes within other clans. Powerful clans became warrior nobility and were under court in the aristocracy. The samurai started adopting the aristocrats customs and the aristocrats adopted the samurai.

The weapons of the Samurai was his katana. The Samurai soul is in the their katana. In the 15th centuary the spear was also popular. It was simple and it was also much more deadlier then the Katana due to the fact that mounted or dismounted was more effective. The bow and arrow was also a popular choice till In the 16th century when gunpowder and the rifle become popular.

Samurai The samurai’s has their own culture where they were expected to read and write. Most Samurai’s lived simply. They also started to study archaeology, botany, and literature. Samurai introduced vegetables like the potato and sweet potato to farmers. The Samurai also transcribed and studied historic books and records. Kojiki as well as Chinese classics were studied.  They started studying anatomy and medical science due to interest and In the late Edo period, they translated a Dutch medical book. The samurai usually had the same name as their ancestors as they believed it would give them good luck and good fortune.

The decline of the samurai came in when the Maji government was deciding how to become more modern. Many Samurai volunteer to be soldiers and  many advanced to become Officer.  These days the Samurai has become very admired. There are many shows , Movies and animes based on the Samurai.

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