One Ok Rock – Clock Strike


One Rock never fail to amaze me. This song itself is pretty much on repeat. Lyrics (via fanpop) What waits for you? What’s breaking through? Nothing for good You’re sure it’s true If you say there is no forever You would be lonely and in pain Everyone actually wants to believe, But betrayal may leave […]


Infinite H – Special girl


Dongwoo and Hoya make their debut as Infinite H.  The video is so cute. Cannot wait for Fly high their second song, it seems more Hip hop.


Nirvana – MUCC


nirvana by Bored4Lyfe


HIT-5 – Scared Of You


Another good song by Hit-5. The boys are so cute. Unlike their other song this one is more of a ballad. The video is so adorable and I really like the beat it has going on. The girl in the video is Korean band Girls day Min-Ah. This band reminds me of Fahrenheit even some […]


VNT – Sound YeYeYe Ft.Minho


I know what you are thinking. A new band? Gah! But I think each new band deserves a chance and I have to say this band is pretty decent. Of course Minho makes the MV even better but I think the girls have style and also they have Really good voices. The thing I most […]


Mamotte Agetai – Yuna Ito


I really enjoy Yuna Ito. My favourite song from her was the one she did with hip hop group spontania. This one is quite beautiful to and Yuna Ito her self looks more prettier then I remember.


Masterlink – Super Speed


The best sound Ive heard in a while. My first time listening to this band but after this song Ill be sure to check the rest of their songs out. This video is pure joy to watch with the bunny jumping around. Its like a futuristic video. Lots of fun and its quite creative. It […]


A Flower – Rythem


I fell in love with Rythem since their last song, Tsunaidete. Their voices are so beautiful. This song even though it doesn’t stay in my head as much as the last one is in itself beautiful. The video is soft , sweet and enchanting. If you want slow beautiful ballads then listen to Rythem.  I reccomend a […]




There is something so haunting about this video. I cant help but like Gothic Lolitas, reminds me of how I used to dress when I was young. Anyway This video is amazing. I love the Bach I heard at the beginning, the supernatural aspect example Medusa and angels. I like the fighting warriors a well, it has all this Greek Myth going on. It was just […]


Ga-In – Irreversible


The brown eyed girls are all so amazing. They have a very different, powerful style. Ga-In début song is no different. Mix of jazz and a storyline which is mesmerising. I love the dancing she does in the sand. This MV is just amazing, Best MV I have seen this month, very raw, artistic and […]

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