“You are so ugly” said the boy. This was not actually the first time someone called me ugly. At that moment I brushed it aside pretending I really don’t care what people think about me. Except I did. I went to an all girls high school. Yes there were moments when girls could be mean […]


No Tan and Pretty Nails

Nice pretty golden

Its been a long time, I know. xD Its been about a week since I came back from holiday and yep no tan for me. Honestly I wanted a nice golden tan like I got the first time I came back from holiday. It was sooo pretty and golden and looked amazing and yes just wow but […]


Hot weather and Nice Nails


I did my nails yesterday. Amazingly even with messy stripes I do believe they look amazing. I love the way they turned out the problem is what I do after such amazingness..=_= I decide to peel them off. I mean sometimes its like oh my god think! Honestly, as you can see from that picture they look […]


Love and Bleach

gve heart

I read this list today of why men break up with their girlfriends, some of the things are understandable but..seriously! I mean breaking up because she was funnier then you?! wow..So lame (By Jane Hoskyn) I only put in the lame ones and a few understandable ones. xD “I was on the phone to a girl I’d been seeing […]


Burning and Beautiful Houses

Lamington cake

I watched Bleach yesterday, OMG the new episode of the anime was so awesome and it ended so quick I cant wait for the next one. It comes out all the way on the next Wednesday!. No fair i want it now. *sulks* Today I went with my friend to get a cake from some lady. On […]

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