Dear Snow – Arashi


This was quick a new song, Arashi are working really hard. <3 This song is soft and nice to listen to and Arashi look their usual cute self. The song is for the Japanese Movie Ohoku. Sad, the kind of song that moves you.  Pv is a bit boring, I wanted to see snow and stuff […]


Dalmatian – Round 1


Waaa these guys are soo cute. I like them! Surprised actually because their name was so weird and I expected a hip hop group. Its soo cute and bouncy and also diffrent which I  simply adore. I think I needed something like this and I want Dalmatian to do really well. Yay! I like these guy though there […]


Fahrenheit – Super Hot

Fahrenheit (2)

Oh my god, I have missed these guys and I haven’t heard from them since…well last year. I love these guys, I cant even pick my favourites from all of them. Anyway this video is just what it was called, Super hot. They all look so hot, though at the end of the video it was like, […]


Lucifer – SHINee


Wooo!!!  Am unsure if I should say anything bad am scared of fan girls >_<, Okay I love SHINee but I am unsure about their hairstyle, I mean SHINee is awesome, and I like this song but it still hasn’t amazed me.waaa there I said it *goes into hiding*  Maybe it will grow on me but I must […]


Teen Top – Clap

Teen Top

Ive been watching a lot of Teen Top’s live performances and I have to say that they are pretty good. Their first album is called “Called into the world” There début song is called “Clap” featuring Lizzie from After school, Orange Caramel. I really like this song. I think its an awesome MV as well but one […]


Super Junior – No Other


Ohhh this is cute! It very diffrent from their past two songs its got more of a story in the MV. They all look really cute. Songs pretty decent to xD No wonder super Junior has so many fans, Ive really started to like them a lot this year.  Ha they all just soo cute.


SS501- Let Me Be The One


There is a lot of talk of ss501 disbanding but they have said they will be in different companies but still perform as SS501. Its never nice to feel that a band is going to break up but these guys are still together yay even though they will also be doing their own things. This […]


FT Island – Brand new days


I love FT Island, They all so waaaa>_< and their music is just fun fun fun rocking music. They look really pretty in this one. Mv is awesome and the song is really pretty.


DaeGukNamAh – Stumble Stumble

DNA (1)

Nice song I like how it goes from slow to fast and they can dance! I just think their hair is really fluffy looking. Its kind of cute. xD Like their voices. Nice song, great moves cute guys what else could you want? Pictures via


SS501 – Love Ya


Nice intense video and the song is really very soulful. I like the guys, they all look very nice in their suits xD  I wish there was more of a concept instead of them just dancing even still they look ace, They all so hot! *_* Pictures Via

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