Mother Episode 4 & 5 Review

lonely reina

This drama is getting more intense in every single episode. Am at the edge of my seat at every scene thinking that someone will find out the truth and it will be the end.  The actress who plays Reina is excellent, she portrays a very scared yet happy child really well.  One person who am disliking in this […]


Mother Episode 2 & 3 Review


Was very excited to start the second episode of this drama as the first episode ended pretty well. I really was looking forward to seeing what would happen next.  This episode was even more intense then the first one, I really enjoyed it.We also find out why Nao shares such a bond with Reina even-though she hates children.With the reporter snooping […]


Mother Episode 1 Review


I have not heard or read anything about this drama. When I looked at the promo pictures my first impression of it was that it looked like a horror movie I was very wrong. The drama  started off really intense and it took shape as soon as i started, It was so wonderful that it moved me […]

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