Girl’s day – Expect


Girl’s Day – Don’t forget me


Great song from Girl’s day even though Jihae is missing. This song has to be one of the best they have taken out. Its upbeat and they carried the high notes so well. I actually like it quite a lot. “Girl’s Day came back with digital singles Girl’s Day Party #5 ‘Don’t forget me’ after […]


Girl’s Day – Oh! My God


The sound effects really ruin the song for me. Its irritating. Very pop and cute song.


Girl’s Day – Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander


Girl’s Day – If you give your heart


A very different song from Girl’s day which shows their true vocals. I suppose this song is quite slow and sweet because it is for the Korean drama The Sparkling.


Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

girls day

I had no problem with Girls day’s last single. I really thought they had talent but I think this one will do much more better. I like it quite a lot its different and original. They are so cool and they have quite a different style. More buzz needs to be generated because they rock. […]


Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head


Usually I don’t like New girl bands unless I have seen them perform live or their new single is really something unique. In other words they don’t remind me of another band.  This band is really cute, they kind of have the same cutesy concept  a bit like After Schools sub group “Orange Caramel” I think I may actually […]

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