Momoiro Clover – Kimi to Sekai


….This is..just vulgar makes me feel like a pedo watching it. I like the song but the video is just wrong.  Licking ice creams WTH!?  I hope they know the implications of that. xD They were so cute. I think the thing I like about many Japanese bands is their cute videos that seem cute and pretty […]




Of course am going to love the PV, Its weird and different. Their is something very artistic about the whole thing. I actually how the girls look so mature and they don’t have they school girl cute going on which they had in thier past video. They look amazing with their awesome and colourful hair.  I also quite like the […]


4Minute – FIRST


Cute with a very Kpopish style to it. I like the song a lot and I love what they wearing. I sometimes think that some of the members never get enough attention which is kind of sad but in this song they seem to have given a fair part to each member. The butt hitting […]


Spyair – Last moment


This is the new Bleach ending song. =) Pretty awesome ending for an amazing anime. Spyair are a pretty great rock band and I simply like how cool they look in this PV.


Hundred Percent Free – ROCK CLIMBER


Quite a fun song to listen to. I love the video its very entertaining so much that you actually like to watch it as much as you want to listen to the song. I really enjoy this kind of music, Never heard of this band either but its fun to discover new bands especially good […]


Masterlink – Super Speed


The best sound Ive heard in a while. My first time listening to this band but after this song Ill be sure to check the rest of their songs out. This video is pure joy to watch with the bunny jumping around. Its like a futuristic video. Lots of fun and its quite creative. It […]


Glay – Satellite Of Love


The dog keeps trying to get the robot to play with it so it keeps bringing it different balls, showing the robot his devotion. I think the love the dog feels for the robot is amazing. Time after time it just keeps bringing them over and over never giving up. Time goes on and the […]


Inochi No Ki – Girugamesh


This song reminds me of some other song but I cant remember anyhow I like it quite a lot.  Its a catchy song, the kind of song you listen to more then once. .  I like the lead vocals, Satoshi’s voice, Really nice and deep. Girugamesh have been around for a while. The thing is this song is […]


Motor Cycle – Bump Of Chicken


I like this kind of music, am not to fussy. The MV is pretty simple but I like the song. Its soft rock. Bump of Chicken are a pretty good band even though I don’t listen to them so much. The name of the band has always amused me but I think that’s what makes them different,  they quite different then the […]


Falling Down – MUCC


The PV is quite different, at first I was like..”Oh my god” Its a little girl playing dress up! Super creepy but after watching the PV a few times I realise they have a message behind this video. Trying to say that children are going up to quick, losing their innocence so quickly ect. or maybe something else I […]

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