Daisuki Nanoni – Kylee


  This is Kylee’s eighth single. She has simply one of the prettiest voice I have heard. The title track was used as the opening theme song for the anime Zetsuen no Tempest. Be sure to check out her other songs which you will find if you just write her name in the top right corner


Berryz – Loving you Too much


Mamotte Agetai – Yuna Ito


I really enjoy Yuna Ito. My favourite song from her was the one she did with hip hop group spontania. This one is quite beautiful to and Yuna Ito her self looks more prettier then I remember.


23 – Thelma Aoyama


What a beautiful song. Its so lovely to listen to and I cant stop putting it on repeat. I think this is better then lets party. The video is also pretty elegant. Its actually suppose to be 3 minuets but it seems to cut of at 2.41 >


Aishiteru – Ken Hirai


“Even if you can’t see, even if you can’t touch, the love in your heart.. no one can take that away.  That priceless, beautiful feeling is what I will try and express in my song.” This is what Ken Hirai said about this song. Aishiteru is a soft ballad which will be the theme song […]


AAA – Paradise


I do like AAA but the video is a bit confusing I don’t really think its properly telling a story but I do enjoy most AAA songs and this one is no different.


FT Island – So Today


This is different from FT Island I know but god I cant help liking these guys. There is something so Jrock about this song, I love it. They all looking so cute >_<


Gagaga – SDN48


These are much more sexier then their sister acts. Not a lot of cuteness in this song. They remind me of SNSD a bit.  They also have a bit to much sexual parts in the video. Some parts of the dance I like though seems like fun to practice. I like the song I guess […]


Kou Shibasaki – Euphoria


This is a lovely song. I love Kou Shibasaki’s look its really entrancing. She is so beautiful I havent really heard of her but she has a lovely voice. The PV puzzles me due to the fact that I don’t really know the translation of the song. The part where everything was falling around her […]


Glay – Satellite Of Love


The dog keeps trying to get the robot to play with it so it keeps bringing it different balls, showing the robot his devotion. I think the love the dog feels for the robot is amazing. Time after time it just keeps bringing them over and over never giving up. Time goes on and the […]

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