Hakuro – Gackt


Only thing you need to know is that this is a Gackt song so it will be amazing and beautiful. Also it is the theme song of live-action drama Sengoku Basara moonlight party


Triplane – Yuki no Asterisk


I have heard this band on so many animes. The lead singers voice is just really good. I really like how how the video is with him walking different places and the band on the background always playing. A really soothing song.


BREAKERZ – Bunny Love


This video is really..just really hot. All those bunny ears they wearing and stuff major cuteness. Love it. These guys are cute I really enjoy Breakerz music they are really good. I just cant get over how cute they look in those bunny headbands. I want one!


Spyair – Last moment


This is the new Bleach ending song. =) Pretty awesome ending for an amazing anime. Spyair are a pretty great rock band and I simply like how cool they look in this PV.


LUFT – Aldious


Aldious is a new Visual Kei band and whats special about them is the fact that all the members are all girls and they actually pretty good.  I like how girly they look and then looking all cool when start to rock out on their guitars. Really think they good for a rookie band. Simply […]


Hundred Percent Free – ROCK CLIMBER


Quite a fun song to listen to. I love the video its very entertaining so much that you actually like to watch it as much as you want to listen to the song. I really enjoy this kind of music, Never heard of this band either but its fun to discover new bands especially good […]


Glay – Satellite Of Love


The dog keeps trying to get the robot to play with it so it keeps bringing it different balls, showing the robot his devotion. I think the love the dog feels for the robot is amazing. Time after time it just keeps bringing them over and over never giving up. Time goes on and the […]


Inochi No Ki – Girugamesh


This song reminds me of some other song but I cant remember anyhow I like it quite a lot.  Its a catchy song, the kind of song you listen to more then once. .  I like the lead vocals, Satoshi’s voice, Really nice and deep. Girugamesh have been around for a while. The thing is this song is […]


Motor Cycle – Bump Of Chicken


I like this kind of music, am not to fussy. The MV is pretty simple but I like the song. Its soft rock. Bump of Chicken are a pretty good band even though I don’t listen to them so much. The name of the band has always amused me but I think that’s what makes them different,  they quite different then the […]


LM.C – Let me crazy


Amazing PV I like it, been a while since I have listened to LM.C. I loved their single Taboo. Everytime I look at their pictures I always think they so pretty because well Japanese rock groups are always so..pretty. Anyway got to say this song rocks! Its awesome. Pictures via Last.fm

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