Rock this way ft Seamo – SPYAIR


Berryz – Loving you Too much


Lecca – Mata Itsuka

lecca (1)

I have always thought Lecca’s voice is quite unique. Very deep vocally and her many of her songs are R&B with a mix of Jazz.  Her voice is very different and takes some time to get used to if its the first time you have heard her sing. The scenery in the video is so beautiful.  This […]


NEWS – Fighting Man


waaa News are so handsome and I like the song. The PV is so bright and happy. Love it except the dance its kind of babiesh they need to get slicker moves.


Miss Little Voice – Manami


Really nice song. This is the first time I have heard of Manami but I think her voice is quite nice. I like how the PV starts, pretty.


EVER – Gackt


Oh…I Love Gackt, He is one of those artists who I never get tierd of listening to. His just awesome and this song is crazy cool. He looks great!  The guitar playing, the random moves, his face, oh gosh its amazing. Woo gackt rocks! So pretty..*_* I so want to see him live…Total Gackt love […]


Parasol Smile – miray


This song is a super summer song, and its really fun to listen to. Though Miray is super skinny, I really want to feed her lots of Mcdonalds but she is so cute.  Cute summer MV.


Sakanaction – Identity


This song is really very English rock. Since I have been out of touch with my Japanese music for quite some time, I reallly dont know this band, but they fun to listen to.


Shiroi Haru Review


Former yakuza Haruo is finally released from prison after completing his sentence. With nine years worth of prison gratuities in hand, he stops at a restaurant to enjoy a good meal, but all of his money ends up being stolen. With nothing left, he spends the night at a net cafe, and he manages to […]


Hard To Say I Love You – WEAVER


Beautiful song. The piano playing in this song is just wonderful I really like. I will have to look out more for this band they are quite good. The lyrics are beautful.This  belive is the opening theme of the drama “sunao ni narenakute” I like the MV especially the part with the girl. If we […]

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