Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Furisodeshon


She is so pretty, fantastic and cute. All her songs are catchy and the videos are funky. They just make you happy.


Breakerz – Rusty hearts


This song is for the online game rusty hearts. Breakerz have really good rock songs so be sure to check them out on their official youtube channel. Miss mystery is my favorite song from them.


Sunday – Aya Hirano


sunday by Bored4Lyfe


Coloring – Yui Horie

堀江由衣 - Coloring

New song from Yui Horie which is the ending for the anime series Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasa. her album was officially released on 18th January which you can buy from CD japan. Very catchy and cute song >< coloring by Bored4Lyfe


Kat-tun – Ultimate Wheels


An amazing new song from Kat-tun. How amazing is this song?! They  keep blowing me away with their new stuff especially because it always sounds good. Its so flawless andI like this video especially because we can see bits of all the members and their dance moves but what have they done to Tanaka’s hair? […]


Dream – Breakout


I love the dance and how cool they look when they it but I wish they did not wear those skin coloured toned lipsticks. I hate it. I also dont think the song is that catchy at first maybe after a few listens you will want to keep listening to it. Anyway check out their […]


Momoiro Clover – Kimi to Sekai


….This is..just vulgar makes me feel like a pedo watching it. I like the song but the video is just wrong.  Licking ice creams WTH!?  I hope they know the implications of that. xD They were so cute. I think the thing I like about many Japanese bands is their cute videos that seem cute and pretty […]


Crystal Kay – Journey Kimi to Futari de


First listen and it gave me goosebumps. I really enjoy listening to Crystal Kay her voice is amazing. The video is so intense and in a way really emotional.


Arashi – Hatenai Sora


Arashi as always working hard to bring their latest music to their fans. A very nice and pretty song I dont think Arashi really have bad songs. I like the PV, its less boring then their last one.


Sweet Licious – Yozora No Melody Feat. C


A new Japanese girl band Sweet Licious with two members, Kaede and Sakurako. You can get the latest album from Yesasia. I love the album cover its all sweet and pink.  The song for their début is really pretty good and I love how pretty the video is!

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