MFBTY – Sweet Dream

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Amazing song. This is the kind of music that needs to come up more in the korean music industry. I am hoping it will be a bigger hit. Mostly because this is pretty amazing.


Yellow City – Silver


This is not the usual idol style music but its unique and the singer’s voice is very husky. It is the kind of music you would like to listen to if you like bands like winter play. Lovely.


Lady Jane & Simon Dominic – Six Thirty


A very sad song about relationships. Even though Jane and Simon are so adorable together the song itself is so emotional.


Freestyle – Only One


Even though the video includes a studio and a singer the song itself is amazing. A very chilled out track.


2AM – ‘I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me’


Picture of the day – Korean Dance


Korean dancing began five thousand years ago in accordance with the Shamanistic early rituals.  In later Korean Kingdoms like Gorgeo and Joseon  in the 2nd millennium CE the traditional dance benefited from regular support from the Royal court and academies. There are certain dances which gained a permanent high status like the hermit dance, Ghost […]


Mtiful Day – Ttuttureu


Totally reminds me of CN Blue’s Loner but I like it. A different kind of vampire, good because he does not glitter xP and good because the video is pretty cheesy D Rated movie style and glitter would make it more tacky. I love that whole pop rock they have going on and its a […]


KCM – Love Bear


Was only introduced to KCM because of his ending theme to King of Baking. His voice is really good and I like the actor in the MV. Isnt he handsome?!  I also like the MV because its like watching a very short drama and I think there will be a second part of the song.


Boa – Copy and Paste


I love Boa….This is much more better then Hurricane Venus. She looks so good here and the song is so catchy. This is the Boa I love. Sexy, sharp dancing and great song. Of course the MV is just like any other Boa MV..she rocks anything. :/ Dont know why anyone would hate her. Shes been working […]


Narsha ft. Sunny Hill – Mamma Mia


Narsha is just really fierce and I love how her style of music is different from many K-Pop artists I know. Her clothes from her make-up is always so amazing to look at.  The kiss at the end went on a bit to much haha it was like woah… I also like the long hair on her, its pretty […]

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