Co-Ed ft. Eun Jung (T-Ara) – Bbiribbom Bberibbom


LOL the beginning just made me laugh. I got to say Co-Ed surprised me, After such a dark song they released this fun happy cute song. I just love it. Its very different and I think its such a good MV.They all so cute and adorable and I think the MV makes this song even […]


B2Y – Jeez


B2Y are really good just very underrated.  Their last songs Be crazy was also very good, click the link to check it out. The bands voice as always is really good and I love how this song is quite disco genre. Just think they need more attention but of course with so many bands its […]


Sistar – Shady Girl


Now this is what I call a nice song, so much more better then that lame song push push. =_= This a really pretty song and I think its a nice start and Heelchuls in it! So cuteeee. I think many people will watch it because of him and its good publicity for Sistar. Song can be […]


Supernova – On the days I miss you


I have not heard from supernova in a while only their Japanese songs. They have been doing really well in Japan and they are really talented. This song is really good and I personally think that they will do amazing in Korea, they are a talented bunch.


Koyote – Jump Jump Jump


This is a very dorky MV but in a good way! its fun! and makes me think of summer and its also really catchy. Koyote have been around for a while and though they have a lot of competition I thing they are quite good. These kind of videos and and songs are really nice […]


Kara – Mr


Finally Kara’s Mr début for Japan. I usually find that Korean songs that  change into Japanese sound a bit awkward such as the Brown Eyed Girls song “Abracadabra”, its an awesome song but I don’t like it so much when I herd it in Japanese. But oh my god Kara sound sooo cute with their Japanese pronunciation and the video is soo cute. […]


Teen Top – Clap

Teen Top

Ive been watching a lot of Teen Top’s live performances and I have to say that they are pretty good. Their first album is called “Called into the world” There début song is called “Clap” featuring Lizzie from After school, Orange Caramel. I really like this song. I think its an awesome MV as well but one […]


Super Junior – No Other


Ohhh this is cute! It very diffrent from their past two songs its got more of a story in the MV. They all look really cute. Songs pretty decent to xD No wonder super Junior has so many fans, Ive really started to like them a lot this year.  Ha they all just soo cute.


Black Pearl – Gogossing


What a fun song. Black pearl is one of those groups that are also making a comeback. Shame I cant remember them but it may be because they came out at the same time as Wonder girls but they never got as much attention. I like this song and I think they should be promoted more. They […]


4Minute – I My Me Mine


I really love these girls this year, they awesome. They starting to become one of my favourite girl bands. Before I did like their songs but I never had any of them on replay but this song….Its just soo cool!!! After Huh,this song just matches its coolness. I love it. They all so cool and […]

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