PHANTOM – Come as you are


Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me


Usually Rainbow has pretty upbeat and sexy songs . This one seems pretty toned down for them almost too cute. They all look simply beautiful and such a pretty set.


Moon HeeJun – SCANDAL


More songs like this please. I don’t understand why such a beautiful song like this was left and a generic auto tune song was much more longer. Subs: No one could know about our love(Love it Love is True) It was like we shouldn’t have met each other (Love it Love is True) Yesterday you […]


Infinite H – Special girl


Dongwoo and Hoya make their debut as Infinite H.  The video is so cute. Cannot wait for Fly high their second song, it seems more Hip hop.


SIAENA – Winter Is Coming


Simply one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a long time. I like how strong her voice is and how they have not added so many instruments because with a voice like that you don’t need it. It has a simple but artistic video and you can just sit and listen to […]


Girl’s Day – Don’t forget me


Great song from Girl’s day even though Jihae is missing. This song has to be one of the best they have taken out. Its upbeat and they carried the high notes so well. I actually like it quite a lot. “Girl’s Day came back with digital singles Girl’s Day Party #5 ‘Don’t forget me’ after […]


FIX – She’s My Girl

[Single] F.I.X – She’s My Girl

Their voices are amazing and there is no autotune so you can tell they can actually sing. Information below video: The group FIX (Nuri, Osong, Jungwook), with the titles “all-round idol” and “vocal idol”, is releasing their first single album “She’s My Girl”, following their first album last January with “Don’t Speak”. “She’s My Girl” […]


Lady Jane & Simon Dominic – Six Thirty


A very sad song about relationships. Even though Jane and Simon are so adorable together the song itself is so emotional.


BIGBANG – Fantastic baby


Urban Zakapa – The Spring Picture


Make sure to check out their other songs as they have beautiful jazz/indie music that is lovely to listen to especially if you like calm and soothing music. There is actually 9 members by the way with four vocalists and five instrumentalists.

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