Dream – Breakout


I love the dance and how cool they look when they it but I wish they did not wear those skin coloured toned lipsticks. I hate it. I also dont think the song is that catchy at first maybe after a few listens you will want to keep listening to it. Anyway check out their […]


Outsider – Hero ft. LMNOP


Outsider is by far the fastest rapper I have ever heard. His so hot and suave as well. I was like woah while listening to him. He is the fastest rapper in the Korea and his music is so good. Its not just a whole load of words just coming out its actual music and […]


FT Island – So Today


This is different from FT Island I know but god I cant help liking these guys. There is something so Jrock about this song, I love it. They all looking so cute >_<


Shine – Nina


Oh my god this is cute!  She reminds me of IU and her eyes have a bit of Bom from 2ne1. I really like this especially the MV I have never seen such cuteness!


Ga-In – Irreversible


The brown eyed girls are all so amazing. They have a very different, powerful style. Ga-In début song is no different. Mix of jazz and a storyline which is mesmerising. I love the dancing she does in the sand. This MV is just amazing, Best MV I have seen this month, very raw, artistic and […]


The Light – Park Ki Young


Her voice is so beautiful and strong.  Slow and sad ballad, I quite like it even though it makes me a bit sad lol. The MV is also quite different I like the letter  and words that appear like its on the water. Very creative.


Dear Snow – Arashi


This was quick a new song, Arashi are working really hard. <3 This song is soft and nice to listen to and Arashi look their usual cute self. The song is for the Japanese Movie Ohoku. Sad, the kind of song that moves you.  Pv is a bit boring, I wanted to see snow and stuff […]


Miss A – Breath


This is so good!. I Love Miss A, since their first song I’ve adored them and this song is really good. Its so quirky and different. You cannot get it out of your head, love what they wearing and I just love the whole thing. Best thing? Most un auto tune song ever. They so good, looking cute totally loving […]


Koda Kumi – Anata Dake ga


New Koda Kumi song. This is the second one in the three part story. First one being Sukide Sukide. “Walk ~to the future~”  will be the third continuation of this video . This video contains Koda Kumi’s sister, Misono. Personally I think the songs are nice, they just a bit sad >_< Pictures via Last.fm

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