Dream – Breakout


I love the dance and how cool they look when they it but I wish they did not wear those skin coloured toned lipsticks. I hate it. I also dont think the song is that catchy at first maybe after a few listens you will want to keep listening to it. Anyway check out their […]


Momoiro Clover – Kimi to Sekai


….This is..just vulgar makes me feel like a pedo watching it. I like the song but the video is just wrong.  Licking ice creams WTH!?  I hope they know the implications of that. xD They were so cute. I think the thing I like about many Japanese bands is their cute videos that seem cute and pretty […]


Arashi – Hatenai Sora


Arashi as always working hard to bring their latest music to their fans. A very nice and pretty song I dont think Arashi really have bad songs. I like the PV, its less boring then their last one.


To You – Azu


Very sweet song. Azu has been performing since the age of 16. Love her voice and the video is very simple.


Mudai – Rythem


One of the worst news I heard in a while is that Rythem are disbanding. Was quite shocked I mean they are so good together and this song just shows how nice their voices harmonize. Was quite upset more then I thought I would. They did say they would be doing solo projects but even […]


Cross Over – 9nine


Never heard of this girl band but I think they cute. <


23 – Thelma Aoyama


What a beautiful song. Its so lovely to listen to and I cant stop putting it on repeat. I think this is better then lets party. The video is also pretty elegant. Its actually suppose to be 3 minuets but it seems to cut of at 2.41 >


Aishiteru – Ken Hirai


“Even if you can’t see, even if you can’t touch, the love in your heart.. no one can take that away.  That priceless, beautiful feeling is what I will try and express in my song.” This is what Ken Hirai said about this song. Aishiteru is a soft ballad which will be the theme song […]


Spontania – Departures


Hip Hop group Spontania got a new member Kaori who is really so adorable and I think she fits pretty well in the group. The new  single will be a cover of the 1996 hit globe song.  After announcing this cover, Spontania member Tarantula posted on his blog saying, “the departure song holds a lot of meaning, […]


Gagaga – SDN48


These are much more sexier then their sister acts. Not a lot of cuteness in this song. They remind me of SNSD a bit.  They also have a bit to much sexual parts in the video. Some parts of the dance I like though seems like fun to practice. I like the song I guess […]

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