Kou Shibasaki – Euphoria


This is a lovely song. I love Kou Shibasaki’s look its really entrancing. She is so beautiful I havent really heard of her but she has a lovely voice. The PV puzzles me due to the fact that I don’t really know the translation of the song. The part where everything was falling around her […]


Speed – Let’s Heat Up


Speed has to be one of the best girl bands of Japan. They have lasted for so long even with them pursuing their separate solo projects. Lets Heat up is pretty fun to listen to, very disco. I like the dancing they do and they all look so cosy wearing their warm clothes.


BREAKERZ – Bunny Love


This video is really..just really hot. All those bunny ears they wearing and stuff major cuteness. Love it. These guys are cute I really enjoy Breakerz music they are really good. I just cant get over how cute they look in those bunny headbands. I want one!


Hundred Percent Free – ROCK CLIMBER


Quite a fun song to listen to. I love the video its very entertaining so much that you actually like to watch it as much as you want to listen to the song. I really enjoy this kind of music, Never heard of this band either but its fun to discover new bands especially good […]


Masterlink – Super Speed


The best sound Ive heard in a while. My first time listening to this band but after this song Ill be sure to check the rest of their songs out. This video is pure joy to watch with the bunny jumping around. Its like a futuristic video. Lots of fun and its quite creative. It […]


A Flower – Rythem


I fell in love with Rythem since their last song, Tsunaidete. Their voices are so beautiful. This song even though it doesn’t stay in my head as much as the last one is in itself beautiful. The video is soft , sweet and enchanting. If you want slow beautiful ballads then listen to Rythem.  I reccomend a […]


Glay – Satellite Of Love


The dog keeps trying to get the robot to play with it so it keeps bringing it different balls, showing the robot his devotion. I think the love the dog feels for the robot is amazing. Time after time it just keeps bringing them over and over never giving up. Time goes on and the […]


Dream – Ev’rybody Alright


Wow. I like these girls. I have never heard any of their songs but this is so fierce. I love it! Of course Auto tun =_= but still pretty decent. Its catchy and the PV is amazing.  They all so pretty and hot. Really amazing, glad I found out about them =) Pictures via Last.fm


Miss Little Voice – Manami


Really nice song. This is the first time I have heard of Manami but I think her voice is quite nice. I like how the PV starts, pretty.


YOU – Satsuki


This is one of the songs from the solo career of the ex-vocalist of Rentrer en Soi, Satsuki who I think has to be the most prettiest boy I have ever seen. Anyhow the song is really nice and his voice is wonderful. Personally I think his just lovely to look at *_* This I […]

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