2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls


This was such a sad MV, I do like this much better the Like Crazy MV. The way they portray their emotions is so strong, its almost hard to watch. The story is so sad I cant wait to find the translation but even without them this song makes me a bit sad.. Japanese version […]


Double B 21 – SOS


.Meh..I dont know I like the song quite a lot actually but this many members? I am really bad with names, no matter how hot they are  I will never be able to remember all their names.  The MV is just them modelling. Its made really cheap and tacky. The question is, who is actually singing and can […]


The Light – Park Ki Young


Her voice is so beautiful and strong.  Slow and sad ballad, I quite like it even though it makes me a bit sad lol. The MV is also quite different I like the letter  and words that appear like its on the water. Very creative.


SHINee – Hello


Am really starting to fall in love with SHINee since I was introduced to them about a year ago or so. I saw them on this Korean TV show “Star golden Ball” and I just adored how they were. They are so young and cute. I like this song a lot, its really sweet and […]


Sun Min – Rainbow Bridge


A really soft slow song. Sun Min’s voice is amazing! I like the MV its pretty romantic.  I think the last song of hers I herd was Superwomen which I enjoyed quite a lot.


Boa – Copy and Paste


I love Boa….This is much more better then Hurricane Venus. She looks so good here and the song is so catchy. This is the Boa I love. Sexy, sharp dancing and great song. Of course the MV is just like any other Boa MV..she rocks anything. :/ Dont know why anyone would hate her. Shes been working […]


Guyz – New Stage


Never heard of these guys until this song. I love how they doing a pretty rare genre in the Korean Music industry. Remind me of a Korean version of Uverworld.  They have done this song in both Japanese and Korean. I do like the Japanese version, maybe because am not used to Korean rock? But […]


Miss A – Breath


This is so good!. I Love Miss A, since their first song I’ve adored them and this song is really good. Its so quirky and different. You cannot get it out of your head, love what they wearing and I just love the whole thing. Best thing? Most un auto tune song ever. They so good, looking cute totally loving […]

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