Dream – Breakout


I love the dance and how cool they look when they it but I wish they did not wear those skin coloured toned lipsticks. I hate it. I also dont think the song is that catchy at first maybe after a few listens you will want to keep listening to it. Anyway check out their […]


Sweet Licious – Yozora No Melody Feat. C


A new Japanese girl band Sweet Licious with two members, Kaede and Sakurako. You can get the latest album from Yesasia. I love the album cover its all sweet and pink.  The song for their début is really pretty good and I love how pretty the video is!


To You – Azu


Very sweet song. Azu has been performing since the age of 16. Love her voice and the video is very simple.


Mudai – Rythem


One of the worst news I heard in a while is that Rythem are disbanding. Was quite shocked I mean they are so good together and this song just shows how nice their voices harmonize. Was quite upset more then I thought I would. They did say they would be doing solo projects but even […]


Mamotte Agetai – Yuna Ito


I really enjoy Yuna Ito. My favourite song from her was the one she did with hip hop group spontania. This one is quite beautiful to and Yuna Ito her self looks more prettier then I remember.




Of course am going to love the PV, Its weird and different. Their is something very artistic about the whole thing. I actually how the girls look so mature and they don’t have they school girl cute going on which they had in thier past video. They look amazing with their awesome and colourful hair.  I also quite like the […]


AAA – Paradise


I do like AAA but the video is a bit confusing I don’t really think its properly telling a story but I do enjoy most AAA songs and this one is no different.


FT Island – So Today


This is different from FT Island I know but god I cant help liking these guys. There is something so Jrock about this song, I love it. They all looking so cute >_<


Kou Shibasaki – Euphoria


This is a lovely song. I love Kou Shibasaki’s look its really entrancing. She is so beautiful I havent really heard of her but she has a lovely voice. The PV puzzles me due to the fact that I don’t really know the translation of the song. The part where everything was falling around her […]


LUFT – Aldious


Aldious is a new Visual Kei band and whats special about them is the fact that all the members are all girls and they actually pretty good.  I like how girly they look and then looking all cool when start to rock out on their guitars. Really think they good for a rookie band. Simply […]

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