B2Y – Jeez


B2Y are really good just very underrated.  Their last songs Be crazy was also very good, click the link to check it out. The bands voice as always is really good and I love how this song is quite disco genre. Just think they need more attention but of course with so many bands its […]


Qualia – UVERworld


I love Uverworld they are one my favourite Jrock bands as they have amazing vocals and great presence and I have not actually heard any of their songs that sounds horrible. This song is really addictive and the video is so cute especially the boy looking around the corner. Qualia – UVERworld [www.nihongobrasil.com.br] por Nihongo_Brasil […]


Dalmatian – Round 1


Waaa these guys are soo cute. I like them! Surprised actually because their name was so weird and I expected a hip hop group. Its soo cute and bouncy and also diffrent which I  simply adore. I think I needed something like this and I want Dalmatian to do really well. Yay! I like these guy though there […]


FT Island – Love Love Love


Since I have heard of this band I must say I really enjoy their music. Its different and their is a bit of a soft rock kind of vibe about them. Like this song, the MV, the boys, and just everything about it. They are awesome and the story in the MV seems very sad. […]


Wiretap In My Ear – Experiment


First time I have ever heard of this band and I think they are so cool!. Awesome rock with a bit of Jrock vibe with it.


Narsha ft. Sunny Hill – Mamma Mia


Narsha is just really fierce and I love how her style of music is different from many K-Pop artists I know. Her clothes from her make-up is always so amazing to look at.  The kiss at the end went on a bit to much haha it was like woah… I also like the long hair on her, its pretty […]


Rainbow – A


I remmber when these girls came out I will never forget their first début song “Gossip Girls” Frankly it was really annoying but this time they have done so much more better. I cant stop listening to this song >_<  Only problem I have is telling them apart. Okay so I decided to put the […]


ICONIQ – Tokyo lady


Though I dislike the video this song is really nice. I haven’t really heard of Iconque but I listened to a few of her songs and damn is she talented. ICONIQ (real name Itō Ayumi, 伊藤亜由美) is a Japanese R&B and pop singer of Korean descent . She was born in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, to […]


Wan Ai Zhi Tu – Jolin Tsai


Intresting song and I think the video is really good and I love the car and what she is wearing, HOT HOT HOT! xD


2wins ft. Seulong (2AM) – Bleeding


What a nice and slow song I especially like the concept. Vampires though I may be tired of hearing how amazing twilight is I do thing this video is lovely

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