High Flying – Jasmine


  The beat, the song just everything is fantastic. It is so catchy and upbeat. Such a talented singer. Her comeback is really strong. be sure to check out her other songs. If you like Iconiq you will like a lot of Jasmines songs.


SunnyHill ft Daybreak – Love Actually


.SunnyHill members and comedian Kim Sungwon star in this funny video. It is a cute song but I honestly think the video is a winner. It’s just so funny


EvoL – Get Up

EvoL Get Up

How fantastic is this group. They have a really cool vibe and am loving how unique their style of music genre is. It honestly has swag.


PHANTOM – Come as you are


One Ok Rock – Clock Strike


One Rock never fail to amaze me. This song itself is pretty much on repeat. Lyrics (via fanpop) What waits for you? What’s breaking through? Nothing for good You’re sure it’s true If you say there is no forever You would be lonely and in pain Everyone actually wants to believe, But betrayal may leave […]


Moon HeeJun – I’m not OK


H.O.T member Moon HeeJun’s new solo Music debut  is described as a dub step style song. It is very dance techno type of a song. Pretty auto tuned. The dancing is amazing though.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Furisodeshon


She is so pretty, fantastic and cute. All her songs are catchy and the videos are funky. They just make you happy.


Breakerz – Rusty hearts


This song is for the online game rusty hearts. Breakerz have really good rock songs so be sure to check them out on their official youtube channel. Miss mystery is my favorite song from them.


Girls’ Generation – I got a boy


The girls are looking so pretty and I really like their style in this video. They really suit it. I actually am not fond of the song right now. It is all over the place. I feel like am listening to so many different songs which go from hiphop, pop and ballad. The dancing is […]


Park So Yu – Oheyo


The beautiful specimen in this video is the model James Lee McQuown. He was also in Ailee’s Heaven video. Her voice is really beautiful but I cant find the translation so once I find it I will post it.

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