Arashi – Hatenai Sora


Arashi as always working hard to bring their latest music to their fans. A very nice and pretty song I dont think Arashi really have bad songs. I like the PV, its less boring then their last one.


Glay – Satellite Of Love


The dog keeps trying to get the robot to play with it so it keeps bringing it different balls, showing the robot his devotion. I think the love the dog feels for the robot is amazing. Time after time it just keeps bringing them over and over never giving up. Time goes on and the […]


Co-Ed – Too Late


Was wondering what this band would be like. Now that the song has come out I think the song is pretty good and catchy but reminded me of G-Dragons Heart breaker >_< and Tara I go crazy because of you. There is a lot of auto tune as well. I like the fact that in […]


Virgin Road – Ayumi Hamasaki


Beautiful Ayumi. I like this MV and this song. Very western style theme. Love the PV its different from anything I have seen from Ayu. The translation of this song is sad as well. A very meaningful PV.. Translation * Thank you from my heart For all your loneliness, pain, guilt and love until now […]


Ya Ya Ya – Orange Range


This song is sooo good. I love it. The MV is so diffrent and creative. Ive enjoyed listening to Orange Range since I heard their song on the anime Bleach. They pretty good.


Dolly- Gothic Party


Never actually heard of Dolly but I actually like this song, its quite a lot of fun. Dolly used to have four members but have now become five members due to one of the old members leaving. They have a bit of Indie with Visual kei influence to them. I like the way they dress. […]


Qualia – UVERworld


I love Uverworld they are one my favourite Jrock bands as they have amazing vocals and great presence and I have not actually heard any of their songs that sounds horrible. This song is really addictive and the video is so cute especially the boy looking around the corner. Qualia – UVERworld [] por Nihongo_Brasil […]


TORTURE – Miyavi


How cool does Miyavi look when he is playing the guitar? I like the way he plays and the song is okay but its Miyavi, you cant help but like it. Pictures via


Kuraki Mai’s – ‘Summer Time Gone’


Song has a very nice tune, I also like the video, very pretty song. I havent actually heard of Kuraki Mai or I have and forgotten lol.


Fahrenheit – Super Hot

Fahrenheit (2)

Oh my god, I have missed these guys and I haven’t heard from them since…well last year. I love these guys, I cant even pick my favourites from all of them. Anyway this video is just what it was called, Super hot. They all look so hot, though at the end of the video it was like, […]

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