Spontania – Departures


Hip Hop group Spontania got a new member Kaori who is really so adorable and I think she fits pretty well in the group. The new  single will be a cover of the 1996 hit globe song.  After announcing this cover, Spontania member Tarantula posted on his blog saying, “the departure song holds a lot of meaning, […]


Triplane – Yuki no Asterisk


I have heard this band on so many animes. The lead singers voice is just really good. I really like how how the video is with him walking different places and the band on the background always playing. A really soothing song.


Twenty 4/7 ft Mays – Letter 10 Nengo no Kimi e


Twenty 4/7 is a Japanese Hip Hop band consisting of Mika and Me.  This song is a beautiful ballad with quite a touching PV. I like it quite a lot. Ive started to discover many of their pass songs and they really are pretty amazing. Of course most of their songs are Hip Hop Style, […]


Meisa Kuroki – LOL


Havent really liked any of Meisa’s songs but this one is actually likable. I like her acting much more then her singing, her first two songs had no real concept personally. I really think she is beautiful and she looks amazing in the PV, Speaking of the promotional video, I love how it was made. […]

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