Bibi Chow – I miss U missing me


This is sang in English so don’t be surprised if you dont hear Mandarin or Cantonese. Dont think it matters, I like this song and she is an Asian artist so I posted it. Really beautiful song I hope you guys like it.


Crystal Kay – Journey Kimi to Futari de


First listen and it gave me goosebumps. I really enjoy listening to Crystal Kay her voice is amazing. The video is so intense and in a way really emotional.


Sweet Licious – Yozora No Melody Feat. C


A new Japanese girl band Sweet Licious with two members, Kaede and Sakurako. You can get the latest album from Yesasia. I love the album cover its all sweet and pink.  The song for their début is really pretty good and I love how pretty the video is!


To You – Azu


Very sweet song. Azu has been performing since the age of 16. Love her voice and the video is very simple.


Outsider – Hero ft. LMNOP


Outsider is by far the fastest rapper I have ever heard. His so hot and suave as well. I was like woah while listening to him. He is the fastest rapper in the Korea and his music is so good. Its not just a whole load of words just coming out its actual music and […]


Aili – Memories Again ft Verbal


This is Aili debute PV she has been dubbed as Japan’s umber 1 producer and she has done work for many artists including Tohoshinki, MAY J, Maki Goto, JAMOSA and ICONIQ. Now she is making her own music and she is actually quite good. This song is done with the M –flo’s Rapper Verbal. Lovely tune and […]


23 – Thelma Aoyama


What a beautiful song. Its so lovely to listen to and I cant stop putting it on repeat. I think this is better then lets party. The video is also pretty elegant. Its actually suppose to be 3 minuets but it seems to cut of at 2.41 >


AAA – Paradise


I do like AAA but the video is a bit confusing I don’t really think its properly telling a story but I do enjoy most AAA songs and this one is no different.


FT Island – So Today


This is different from FT Island I know but god I cant help liking these guys. There is something so Jrock about this song, I love it. They all looking so cute >_<

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