NS Yoon Ji ft. Maboos (Electroboyz) – Dance


This is such a cool song. It needs to be a hit. Its produced by Bravebrothers and also has Maboos from Electroboyz. I utterly love it. She reminds me of Son Dambi a bit. She is quite skinny even in her old video she looked quite skinny which was called Headache but none the less […]


B2Y – Jeez


B2Y are really good just very underrated.  Their last songs Be crazy was also very good, click the link to check it out. The bands voice as always is really good and I love how this song is quite disco genre. Just think they need more attention but of course with so many bands its […]


Double B 21 – SOS


.Meh..I dont know I like the song quite a lot actually but this many members? I am really bad with names, no matter how hot they are  I will never be able to remember all their names.  The MV is just them modelling. Its made really cheap and tacky. The question is, who is actually singing and can […]


Boa – Copy and Paste


I love Boa….This is much more better then Hurricane Venus. She looks so good here and the song is so catchy. This is the Boa I love. Sexy, sharp dancing and great song. Of course the MV is just like any other Boa MV..she rocks anything. :/ Dont know why anyone would hate her. Shes been working […]


Kuraki Mai’s – ‘Summer Time Gone’


Song has a very nice tune, I also like the video, very pretty song. I havent actually heard of Kuraki Mai or I have and forgotten lol.


Ahn Jin Kyoung ft. Lee Gi Kwang – Love is Pathetic


A really nice song I love Ahn Jin Kyoung’s voice its wonderful. I remember her old song song which was also done with Mir who is also from BEAST called Bad person. Lee Gi Kwang looks really nice, Love love beast. I also want Ahn Jin Kyoung’s eye-shadow a very nice colour.


ICONIQ – Tokyo lady


Though I dislike the video this song is really nice. I haven’t really heard of Iconque but I listened to a few of her songs and damn is she talented. ICONIQ (real name Itō Ayumi, 伊藤亜由美) is a Japanese R&B and pop singer of Korean descent . She was born in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, to […]


Zia – Laughter


Very sad Mv but Zia has a really wonderful voice. This is the first time I have herd of her but this s actually her comeback and she seems pretty popular. The MV is like a very depressing story, very deep and tearful. Pictures Via Last.fm


Nia – Remember The Forest


Wow these girls really rock. I cant stop listening to this song. I don’t actually know a Korean all girl group that plays Indie Rock music but I am hooked! Maybe because this song is awesome and they sound so cool. Honestly reminded me of groups like FT island and CN blue, maybe because they […]


DJ DOC – Im a guy like this

DJ+Doc (1)

Gosh I love this MV, its so funny and creative. It has parody of some artist and their songs such as Lee Hyori, After School, CN Blue, and Big Bang. Usually this is not my kind of music but DJ Doc has been around for ages and their music defines Korean Hip Hop and this song is pretty fun to […]

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