Dream – Breakout


I love the dance and how cool they look when they it but I wish they did not wear those skin coloured toned lipsticks. I hate it. I also dont think the song is that catchy at first maybe after a few listens you will want to keep listening to it. Anyway check out their […]


To You – Azu


Very sweet song. Azu has been performing since the age of 16. Love her voice and the video is very simple.


Mudai – Rythem


One of the worst news I heard in a while is that Rythem are disbanding. Was quite shocked I mean they are so good together and this song just shows how nice their voices harmonize. Was quite upset more then I thought I would. They did say they would be doing solo projects but even […]


Mamotte Agetai – Yuna Ito


I really enjoy Yuna Ito. My favourite song from her was the one she did with hip hop group spontania. This one is quite beautiful to and Yuna Ito her self looks more prettier then I remember.


Aishiteru – Ken Hirai


“Even if you can’t see, even if you can’t touch, the love in your heart.. no one can take that away.  That priceless, beautiful feeling is what I will try and express in my song.” This is what Ken Hirai said about this song. Aishiteru is a soft ballad which will be the theme song […]


Spontania – Departures


Hip Hop group Spontania got a new member Kaori who is really so adorable and I think she fits pretty well in the group. The new  single will be a cover of the 1996 hit globe song.  After announcing this cover, Spontania member Tarantula posted on his blog saying, “the departure song holds a lot of meaning, […]


Triplane – Yuki no Asterisk


I have heard this band on so many animes. The lead singers voice is just really good. I really like how how the video is with him walking different places and the band on the background always playing. A really soothing song.


Speed – Let’s Heat Up


Speed has to be one of the best girl bands of Japan. They have lasted for so long even with them pursuing their separate solo projects. Lets Heat up is pretty fun to listen to, very disco. I like the dancing they do and they all look so cosy wearing their warm clothes.


BREAKERZ – Bunny Love


This video is really..just really hot. All those bunny ears they wearing and stuff major cuteness. Love it. These guys are cute I really enjoy Breakerz music they are really good. I just cant get over how cute they look in those bunny headbands. I want one!


Twenty 4/7 ft Mays – Letter 10 Nengo no Kimi e


Twenty 4/7 is a Japanese Hip Hop band consisting of Mika and Me.  This song is a beautiful ballad with quite a touching PV. I like it quite a lot. Ive started to discover many of their pass songs and they really are pretty amazing. Of course most of their songs are Hip Hop Style, […]

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