Double B 21 – SOS


.Meh..I dont know I like the song quite a lot actually but this many members? I am really bad with names, no matter how hot they are  I will never be able to remember all their names.  The MV is just them modelling. Its made really cheap and tacky. The question is, who is actually singing and can […]


SE7EN – I’m going crazy


This is a soft ballad from Se7en which I quite like a lot. Its soft and soothing. It stars his real life girlfriend Park Han Byul. Oh my god they are so cute, they should just get married already. They look awesome together and she is soo cute. >_<


Miss A – Breath


This is so good!. I Love Miss A, since their first song I’ve adored them and this song is really good. Its so quirky and different. You cannot get it out of your head, love what they wearing and I just love the whole thing. Best thing? Most un auto tune song ever. They so good, looking cute totally loving […]


Ya Ya Ya – Orange Range


This song is sooo good. I love it. The MV is so diffrent and creative. Ive enjoyed listening to Orange Range since I heard their song on the anime Bleach. They pretty good.


Infinate – She’s Back


A super cute and refreshing song from one my favourite rookie groups of the year. Its such a summery song and makes me want to go to the beach more. Am glad Infinite are going at different angle then most boy band groups. None of the super dark mysterious stuff new boy bands are doing. […]


One in a million – Tomohisa Yamashita


This song has been on replay since I first heard it. Yampai is awesome and this is a different song that I have never seen him do. He looks really awesome and there is some auto tune but I still think its awesome. The girl in the video is cute and lucky to get a […]


Lucifer – SHINee


Wooo!!!  Am unsure if I should say anything bad am scared of fan girls >_<, Okay I love SHINee but I am unsure about their hairstyle, I mean SHINee is awesome, and I like this song but it still hasn’t amazed me.waaa there I said it *goes into hiding*  Maybe it will grow on me but I must […]


Namida No Regret – SCANDAL


These girls are cute! As always Scandal are awesome and they have awesome MV’s.


MOON – Ayumi Hamasaki


Am so glad Ayumi has come out with one of her slow songs that really shows her vocal skills. The lyrics to this song are really sad and the song itself is beautiful. Ayumi and her voice are a true legend, I cant help but like her. She looks utterly breath taking in this video.  Am […]


Super Junior – No Other


Ohhh this is cute! It very diffrent from their past two songs its got more of a story in the MV. They all look really cute. Songs pretty decent to xD No wonder super Junior has so many fans, Ive really started to like them a lot this year.  Ha they all just soo cute.

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