Sing Forever – Ken Hirai


Ken Hirai is so handsome. xD I love his voice, its beautiful.  There is something always diffrent about th songs he comes out with, his last song was one of my favourites. Boku wa Kimi Ni Koi Wo Suru was slow this one is so much fun to listen to. I love it. I like […]


Ji Mo Ji Mo Jiu Hao – Hebe


This is a really sad song. =( Yet so beautifully sang by Hebe from S.H.E. A really nice Video as well and Hebe looks as pretty as ever even when she is being sad. One of those songs that you put on repeat. Translation Maybe because of myself For losing liters of tears, has become […]


Hebe – Love


She is amazing and I have always adored the S.H.E girls.


Jo Sung Mo – I want to cheat.


I know Jo sung does a lot of ballads and this is quite a different comeback for him but I must say am actually liking this song. I still think he does ballads better though. The video is also quite nice and the song is very catchy but his hairstyle seems a bit greasy but […]


Chae Yeon – Look Look Look


Am really liking this song. Chae Yeon concept in this music video is really awesome. She sounds great live to as I just saw her performance on M countdown. This song is sexy but not overly so and the song is really catchy and addictive.


FT Island – Brand new days


I love FT Island, They all so waaaa>_< and their music is just fun fun fun rocking music. They look really pretty in this one. Mv is awesome and the song is really pretty.

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