Random things about me

creepy...so creepy

I am scared of dolls. Not Barbie dolls but those porcelain dolls. They just so creepy looking and sometimes I think they going to come alive and just kill me in my sleep or something. Clowns are also stupid No am not scared of them…….maybe a bit. When I was young I took swimming lessons […]


Back from Holiday

2011-06-30 03.48.55

Last week I went on a holiday to Dubai. I loved it very much. I mean, yes it was super hot like being in a heater but I loved every aspect of it so much that am planning on making it my future home. xP Went for 8 days though the first day was just […]




Just finished eating the yummiest fish ever. So Yum. I am on a diet, its going well but slowly meh. Anyway the weirdest thing  happened yesterday. I went shopping with my friend. Got a pretty lilac nail polish and some other random things. I don’t even know where my money went. O_o We went to eat at Nandos. […]


I nearly died today


Today was a moment in my life that was like oh my God WTH ..WTH…WTH. I nearly died. No wait let me rephrase that I think my spirit came out my body, watched what was happening and then it went back in again. Then I opened my eyes and was like …..* panics* It started of […]


Valentines day

benefit lipstick do tell

Hope you are all well. I went shopping! With my friend and I actually brought things. I must have told you that I dislike shopping but surprisingly I really enjoyed it with her. I suppose with the right friends  you can have fun doing things you even hate. I spent most my money on makeup. This lady […]


I saved the drowning Kitchen!

am saving the world..aka the kitchen..

So it was really early, about 6:00, about 26 minutes ago. I got up to go to the toilet..ahem and I was like “Oh my god!!!” and looked down and saw…,  not what your thinking. Tut tut what a dirty mind LOL Anyway I looked down on the floor tiles and realised there was water […]


Personal Preference Review Episode 3


This episode started where it left with misunderstandings. I really dislike her friend and am glad Kae In finally had the guts to tell her to go away but her friend still had to act sassy. So annoying. I really felt sorry for Kae In. When Jin Ho found out she thinks his gay, his […]


Cold day Brrr


Am getting ready to go to my pilates class right. I nicked my brothers top muhaha even though its a bit big it does not matter because I just need the top. He does not really have to know that I stole his top unless he checks this blog?..which I dont think he does. Oh my god I don’t think he […]

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