Soul Star – Right now


A very beautifully sang R&B track by the duo Lee Chang Geun, Lee Seung Woo, and Lee Gyu. The video is so sad and shows Kyung Soo Jin acting as a woman being abused by her boyfriend.


Crystal Kay – Journey Kimi to Futari de


First listen and it gave me goosebumps. I really enjoy listening to Crystal Kay her voice is amazing. The video is so intense and in a way really emotional.


The Answer – Daichi Miura


A really amazing dancer. The movements are so fluid and he sings amazingly. Daichi is also known as the Japanese Michel Jackson


Suki to Iu Kotoba – Sayuri Sugawara


A very pretty song, I loved the MV. Its soft and pretty and sayuri has an awesome voice.


Need A Girl-Tae Yang ft. G-Dragon


Wooo!!!! Awesome I cant believe I missed the realise of this while I was on holiday T_T. I like the song I will check most of his new album out later but I don’t like it as much as his previous song. I think its the MV. There is too much going on but oh my god am glad […]


Hwayobi – Bye Bye Bye


I think Hwayobi needs to dance more in this MV but her voice is really very beautiful and soulful. I enjoyed listening to this song. I also liked her shoes. I dont think she needed to put the raspy English in, in the middle though but I love the melody and like listening to this […]


JQ feat Kim Eun Jong- Fantastic


A pretty catchy song. I like it but in the MV the only thing I don’t like is the lights there is too many and you cant see their faces. JQ is pretty cute hehe but I have not heard any of his music. I think he will get a lot of publicity with this song.


Pray – Jay’ed


Jay’ed has  very westernised styled songs but they awesome. I really like this one. Previously ive herd his single called “Superwomen” that song is also very nice, very R&B.  This song would be someing you would imagine the singer Usher or Jay Sean singing. Jay’ed’s voice is awesome and smooth.


Availability Period – 8eight


Great video and I like the fact that the band contains boys and girls. They all have great voices and the song is really upbeat. I will have to look out for this band a bit more. This is a very different kind of song, Something I have not heard before  ever. It is something new. 8eight […]


As A Man – Gummy


Another great song by Gummy. This one is really catchy and I found myself singing it along with her. “oh oh oh” Her voice is really nice. The song has a very interesting meaning behind it. All about cutesy stuff *_* Love and breakup and heartache and being a man.  This video stars  Kim Hyun Joong  from SS501 & […]

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