Huh Gak – Hello


This a new song by singer Huh Gak starring BEAST’s Junhyung, Lee Hyunjin, and Kang Sora. The whole video is emotional and watches like a sad Korean drama. I cannot wait to see what will happen next.


Mother Review


Suzuhara Nao (Yasuko Matsuyuki) becomes a teacher at an elementary school. She’s in charge of of first-year students and doesn’t have much passion for her job. One of her young students named Reina becomes attached to her new teacher. One day, Nao notices bruises on Reina and realizes that she is the victim of child abuse. […]


Tei – Calling You In My Dream


A really sad Mv. Like the tune itself especially the music at the start but still what a sad song. =(


Han Geng – Say No


Out of all three of Han Geng’s this is my favourite and I finally understand why they are all a trilogy.  I suppose the first one is the one abot a singer seeking freedom and singing about his pain and how he feels suffocated. The second one, this one is about the fact that he was […]


SS501- Let Me Be The One


There is a lot of talk of ss501 disbanding but they have said they will be in different companies but still perform as SS501. Its never nice to feel that a band is going to break up but these guys are still together yay even though they will also be doing their own things. This […]


Farewell Is Coming – 8eight ft. Nichkhun


Oh my god! Another side of 8eight. How beautiful is this song?! *_*  8eight has suprised me twice in a day. The other song  I posted earlier is so different from this one. whilst the other one was fast and upbeat, this one is slow and a beautiful, emotional ballad.  I now cant stop listening to this song >< […]


Wednesday feat Kyu Hoon – Come Around My Neck


Wednesday is a new artist. Very slow and ballad like song, he has a beautiful voice. You can feel the emotion in his voice. I do thing this is a pretty good song. Hope we can hear more from him.


I’d Die Without You – Choi Hyun Joon

Choi Hyun Joon

Pretty song from the VOS member Choi Hyun Joon. I have always loved VOS members. Their voices are so beautiful and enchanting. They have great ballad voices that can sing deep songs. Although am not a major fan i do like his voice and I really appreciate it. This song is fantastic.


Hei Se Yue Liang – Rainie Yang

rainie+yang (1)

Really, really like the background music to this song. Its so enchanting and sad.  Rainie has grown up a lot in this music video since I’ve seen her. The last time I watched her was in the drama Miss no Good. I know she’s been in more dramas then that one but in this drama she was still playing her cute […]


Kingdom Of the winds- Official soundtrack


The OST to the epic drama Kingdom of the Winds. You may only like this music if you like dramatic and classical music. I think its wonderful. I love the song by Wheesung, his voice is just so great! The song was so beautiful. Video may contain spoilers. The theme song gave me that Lord of the Rings […]

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